Unloved she is

Ask yourself the last time you felt the warmth of a breathing chest

A mother’s touch, a boyfriend’s kiss, or just daddy’s breasts..

Perhaps the last time you walked in a sexy dress where everyone’s heads turned around and looked impressed..

How about the I love you dad, I love you mom that you hear at the end of a friend’s phone call

Leave you wondering Inside yourself feeling like a troll..

Scroll up your photo gallery and stop when you find yourself happy

12 thousands memories pouring at me, telling me to stop stop this isn’t intimacy..

Intimacy!?? What a fine word they speak of..

I have never been loved? And that’s my reality..

Ever feel beautiful? Memories asks

Unloved you are, and you know that’s a fact..

You crave for a loving touch or a parent’s hug, why not take off the mask and let your sadnesses flood..

People hate you for no reason, People judge you, and you ease in..

Has he touched your thigh or played with your hair? does she kiss you on the cheeks and the forehead?

Being unloved, what a shame.

A waste of 26 years of life just being in pain..

Loovve stares at the ceiling while fucking you maybe cuz you’re ugly and maybe it’s just not about you..

Bad hair, crooked teeth, dark eyes and horror scenes starts beneath

Extra fat, hairy face and cracked feet..

You catch him looking at your flaws with disgust leaving you speechless hurt and just cold, you hear your mom whispering bout your appearance, ugly daughter she knows..

Good bye self esteem and hello scars, cut deep to feel, then dry your eyes hoping to heal..

Marks and cuts and other nasty stuff

Dark circles on a skin that’s so rough

Hair so not straight just needs cut..

I disgust him she says, I repulse them she feels,

Perhaps it’s time to flee, leave all that, don’t you agree?

She wonders silently holding her tears

Finally the answers: Unloved she feels…


Missing you..

Hide it all you want I can see tears behind your smile

I can still feel you even if we’re far a thousand mile

Try to envision the hope of a little spark that we had

Sit out cry, dry out your tears, thinking of me bad

Although the pain is so deep, you, I just can’t see sad

And every night I go sleep thinking why we left each others hand

The nights are cold in the pool where we started something grand

My heart’s broken,empty, it’s now just a barren land

And how much I try to forget it I just can’t

Seem to numb the pain my heart has a hole and its waiting for your love to gain

Were only humans we make mistakes, yea, who’s to blame??

Although the feeling we have are down I think there’s part 2 of it

I don’t know about you but I think the kids will love it

But for me your the container of my love to brew

I think about it every day I just don’t know what to do

Running away from each other we wanna have something new

And I know I can’t find anyone as good as you

Everything that’s been unsaid the story that was going on behind our back

Jealously hate from everywhere coming for us to attack

And you think I screwed you up with a pain so deep it follows

I just found out how people are evil with hearts so hollow

And the pain it haunts me every day every night,

Flashing in front of me your face, it’s a delight

The pain that I see

I lay in bed scrolling down my phone, I maybe bored and maybe I am just alone

I scroll down to see what everyone is up to, Sometimes it’s silly and sometimes it’s very true

This one, I didn’t actually know, but I feel what she goes through. Beautiful she is, caring for her ill mother, to the hospice she goes and many hours she stays, she maybe cries, and she maybe smiles 

By the dawn she goes home, tired and ready to lay low

Her pain, she and god only knows, she posts her words, wears her hair pink and throughout her day she just goes

Like I said, her and I are not at all close, she passed me once and told me to take a break, I was indeed invigorated and just trying to stay awake, finals are to come and papers to write

Though, her story touched me, and her words moved me, her pain came to me. Told me the person she is, a caring daughter and a very passionate soul

What do we know about the people around us who are suffering some kind of pain

I know some and I know just a little, I try to pay attention and when I do I find out that those around me are some what the same

i know Yoga she enjoys, self-love she will support, equality she’s fighting for, and teaching is her goal.

I don’t know How you stay strong and smile? How you keep going every day with hope to gain? Sitting by your beautiful queen who brought you here

Now this story is about a woman who suffered real chronic pain

She is a fighter who used words to describe the heath care

A problem that might affect me you or anyone elsewhere

I don’t know this woman or even her name but her story speaks to me  

I been through this before a total of 12 surgeries 

Had a wound the size of a baseball on the lower back

Missed my senior year and stayed in bed all the time

Percocet in the day and codeine before I sleep

Popping pills trying to control my pain, she probably is doing the same

Just be aware of the risk that comes when managing this strain

Pain, depression, vulnerability, and pure abstain

God gave us this disease to fight, keep strong and hold your fight 

They think of your illness as surreal because dick doctors just can’t feel 

Male doctors don’t know what you’re feeling, health care system is dismissing what your body is needing

They lack options to relieve you of your suffering because society just don’t care

Billing you with an overly high cost expecting you to pay or choose the only offered treatment removing her womb might as well call it a slay

I can go on with the pain I see in others, I had a friend who killed himself in front of his mother

I was just his driver who worked to make money to pay the rent, I picked him from home and dropped him off on a 711 in the heart of the city

Exchanged numbers thinking we can be friends, tennis and hookah we shared but I was too late, and we never played

RIP my dear Joshua at least now you’re with Alllah

I write this to help me heal from my own suffering and my gods mistakes

I was his daughter who he have caused so much ache

My Buddy

“Out far in the corner ur crying like a little girl
You don’t like this sight; You don’t like this world
Dont u cry little angel, everythings gonna be all right
Tommorrows a new day, forget the sadness of the night
Step up, step up and fight this situation untie that knot and follow your hesitation
Let the world know u aint gonna be pushed on
Speak up with attitude, dont u get sushed on
Let ur fighter out, wheres the rage u gonna show??
U cant deny thats ur problem u say
But dont u know its always gonna be okay
What u afraid of?? what fears u the most in the world??
Ur amazing and beautiful, dont ever let go what u hold
Power and peace, dont u cry please please please
Im seriously sayin this, im down on my knees
Those emotion dont fit u Wake up and enjoy the day dont ever let depression hit u